The Only One on the Menu, Please!

When we first moved to San Francisco I found ordering at restaurants slightly stressful. It was often related to whom I could actually order from, not the person who saw us to our table, not the person bringing the drinks, not the person clearing the table.

(Re)Use it or Lose it

Singapore is a bit behind the US regarding recycling. People there don’t tend to sort out their rubbish in the same way as in America or even in the UK and Ireland.

Ordering from the Bottom up

There are some aspects of life in America that you can mentally prepare yourselves for, armed with years of Hollywood stereotypes.

Shopping by Name

Having made the transition to the US from Asia, it’s hard not to focus on the obvious differences, including national pastimes. Shopping is Singapore’s national free-time activity and having engaged in shopping here and there, one major differences stands out: the interaction between the shopper and the sales assistants.

The Early Days

I am Irish, and my blog is about my experiences living in different cities around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and now San Francisco. This is my first post.